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 India – El Salvador Bilateral Relations


 The Embassy of India in Guatemala is concurrently accredited to El Salvador. India has an Honorary Consul General in El Salvador. El Salvador opened its Embassy with a resident Ambassador in New Delhi in 2008. El Salvador and India enjoy close and friendly relations.

Bilateral visits from India:

September 2004:      Shri Rao Inderjit Singh, MOS [EA]

August, 2012:           Secretary (West) and JS (LAC) to hold the first Foreign Office Consultations.

June, 2013:               Mrs. Krishna Tirath, Hon’ble Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Women and Child Development (WCD)

July, 2015:                 MOS Shri V. K. Singh to attend the Eighth Ministerial Conference of the Community of Democracies in San Salvador.

Bilateral visits from El Salvador:

February 2004:         Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maria Eugenia Brizuela de Avila

March, 2007:             Minister of Foreign Affairs Francisco E. Lainez.

December, 2007:      Vice Minister for Salvadorans Abroad, Ms. Margarita Escobar.

January, 2008:         Vice President Ana Vilma de Escobar to attend the CII Partnership Summit.

June, 2008:               Vice Foreign Minister Eduardo Calix to attend the second India-SICA Foreign Ministers’ meeting.

February 2009:         Vice President Ana Vilma de Escobar to attend the India-Latin America and Caribbean Conclave organized by CII in Bengaluru.

March, 2011:             Minister of Foreign Affairs Hugo Martinez.

November, 2011:      Dr. Vice Minister of Science & Technology met Dr. D. Purandeswari, MOS, Human Resource Development and MOS, S&T & Ministry of Earth Sciences Dr. Ashwani Kumar.

December, 2014:      Mr. Carlos Castaneda, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Second, India-El Salvador Foreign Office Consultations.

NAM:  September, 2011:     Smt Preneet Kaur, MOS [PK] met Mr Carlos Castaneda, Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Integration & Economic Affairs in Belgrade on the margins of 50th anniversary commemoration of NAM.

Trade delegations from India:

March, 2014:             Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council (TEXPROCIL); Plastics Export Promotion Council (PLEXCONCIL).

August, 2014:           Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council of India (PHARMEXCIL)

July, 2015:                 The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council (SRTEPC) of India organized the first-ever exclusive Exhibition of Indian synthetic, rayon and blended textiles.

Trade & other delegations from El Salvador:

April, 2006:                Two tour operators from El Salvador participated in the Tourism Workshop for LAC region at New Delhi.

June, 2007:               Salvadoran delegations, sponsored by PHARMEXCIL attended the Pharma-LAC Conference in Hyderabad

March, 2008:             Three Salvadoran delegates attended the INDIASOFT conference in Hyderabad.

Bilateral Agreements:

  • MOU on Foreign Office Consultations between MEA and the Ministry of External Relations of El Salvador signed in February 2004.
  • Agreement for waiver of visas for diplomatic and official passports signed in June 2008.
  • MoU on setting up IT Training Centre in San Salvador signed in 2008. Accordingly, the IT Centre was established and functioned for 2 years successfully with the assistance of Government of India through NIIT. On the request of El Salvador, it was further extended by one year and after successful completion of the course, the IT Centre was handed over to Salvadoran authorities in June 2011.
  • Agreement on Science, Technology & Innovation signed in August 2012.

 Trade and Economic:

Indo-El Salvador Trade (in million US $)

( April – March)
Imports from El Salvador Exports to El Salvador Total trade % Growth
2010-2011 5.40 24.06 29.46 57.27
2011-2012 8.27 37.52 45.79 55.44
2012-2013 8.64 56.06 64.71 41.31
2013-2014 7.99 65.11 73.10 12.97
2014-2015 10.27 61.48 71.76 -1.84
2015-2016 Apr-Sep 3.91 36.31

(Source: Department of Commerce-India)

Main exports by India;      Pharmaceuticals, fabrics, organic chemicals, plastic and plastic articles.

Main imports by India:      Wood & wood products, iron & steel, etc.

India Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC):            Government of India has offered 35 ITEC slots to El Salvador for 2015-16.    Under ITEC, Dr. Anitha Karun, Principal Scientist (Horticulture) and an expert on tropical fruits, coconut & mango, visited El Salvador.  Dr. Karun worked with National Agricultural Research Centre of El Salvador from July-August 2013.

Mrs. Krishna Tirath, Minister of State for Women & Child Development, during her visit in 2013 offered scholarships from Ministry of Women & Child Development to 10 emerging young women leaders from El Salvador for a study tour to India. The study tour by the selected candidates took place from February-March, 2014.

Bilateral Collaborations:              A 4-member Indian delegation from Department of Electronics and IT visited El Salvador in February-March 2013 and took part in an IT Workshop organized by Agency for Science & Technology of Ministry of Education of El Salvador.  Three broad areas of cooperation viz. (i) capacity building; (ii) training of trainers; and (iii) upgradation of GOI-set up IT Centre at ITCA were identified.  The delegation also had an interaction with faculty members and students of IT Training Centre at ITCA.

Line of Credit:         A Line of Credit of US$ 15 million was announced by GOI during the visit of Foreign Minister Lainez in March 2007. In June 2008, under India-SICA FM level dialogue meeting, US$ 10 million LOC was offered to El Salvador. El Salvador has not been able to avail both LOCs due to IMF’s imposed restrictions on borrowings. El Salvador Government is now considering to utilize this loan for health projects including purchase of medicines from India or to set up women capacity building project.


  • Government of India donated medicines and medical stores worth Rs. 5 lakhs to El Salvador as relief supplies for the victims of the 1998 Hurricane Mitch.
  • Government of India also donated medicines worth US$10,000 in August 2005 and 18 Bajaj three-wheelers in November 2005.
  • In Nov 2009, hurricane ‘Ida” caused extensive loss of life and damage to infrastructure in El Salvador. Government of India made a cash donation of US$ 250,000 as humanitarian aid to El Salvador.
  • Government of India made a cash donation of US$ 100,000 as humanitarian aid to El Salvador in December 2011 in the wake of devastating Tropical Depression 12-E which caused considerable loss in late 2011 of human lives and damage to infrastructure in El Salvador.


October 2005:           Cultural troupes from India visited El Salvador and gave performances;

Exhibition of the Churches of Goa “Velha Goa” was held in San Salvador.

A ‘Friends of India’ Association was formed.

September, 2011:    An ICCR-sponsored, 8-member dance troupe led by Dr. Sonal Mansingh performed “NAYIKAA”  to commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Nobel-laureate Dr. Rabindranath Tagore.

October, 2011;         An ICCR-sponsored, 15-member Odissi dance group led by Ms. Sutapa Talukdar performed ‘Shyama’ at the most prestigious National Theatre.

Feb-March, 2013:    An Indian Film Festival was organized in San Salvador where 15 blockbuster Indian films were screened.

January, 2015:        An ICCR-sponsored visit by a Rajasthani dance Troupe gave performances in San Salvador.

Indian Community:            There is hardly any Indian community, and number of Indians is less than a dozen. Some of them are Mother Teresa missionary nuns.

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